The Legend of Grass and Gravel

The Legend of Grass and Gravel

I want to ask, Is red clouds dusk often reflect on the surface of the lake?
I also want to know, Do after dusk anchored the night sounds of the birds will surely arrive?

I asked at will answer your heart.
Because I just want to bother you so you do not continue to sit stunned at the window waiting for someone right behind the fog appears black.
And do not ignore the sound of a full moon night to seduce willing cheeks with tears.

O the shadow shoots of spruce,
Just let the clouds passing in silence starry night
and ignore the singing owl heartbreaking
let's talk about the flowering cotton grass
because shortly the rain fell, then we will dance enhance deserted this night

I'll tell you,
on bumpy grass blowing in the wind, which cracks the colorful pebbles swore allegiance with him.
They never demanded to be the fir trees and mountains valley fog.
because it is sufficient

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