The turtle with the special prosthetic leg

The turtle with the special prosthetic leg

As the head of the animal charity Neuried (Germany) is called to duty, they can hardly believe it. In her hands she holds a small Greek tortoise, which is closer to death than to life. She lacks the right foreleg and it is at that emaciated. Since no trace of the owner, it brings the injured animal immediately to a veterinary clinic.

Instead of the right foreleg one sees only a black stump and a dried bone, which already frolicking maggots. Under anesthesia, the turtle is cleaned and sutured the wound. The worst moments the animal has now survived, but how should it be mobile again with only three legs? Since there is no prosthetic in this area, the turtle is delivered to their fate helpless. But suddenly comes out of nowhere a brilliant idea.

The five year-old daughter of the nurse playing with components of their Lego toys. The vet begged a small donation for the disabled turtle and he even gets paid an additional spare parts. The turtle a wheel is now mounted from the Lego range as a prosthesis. The Lego component is simply glued with a special glue on the bottom of the tank, because drilling would only an additional source of infection and dangerous.

The turtle takes the new set of wheels at once and she is doing from day to day better. It has survived not only seriously injured, but has actually gained on new quality of life. The solutions to our problems are sometimes right before our eyes. How, for example, in a simple Lego set.

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