The kindhearted homeless

The kindhearted homeless
Preston, a town in the northwest of England. It is winter and bitterly cold. A young student is alone in an ATM and withdraw money wants. Suddenly she realizes the horror that she has lost her bank card. How should now she pay the taxi?

Unexpectedly offered to man to give her the money for the taxi ride. He insists to leave the young woman his last coin of some three pounds. Dominique Harrison Bentzen does not want to accept the money, but is very touched by this gesture.

The next day she out checks on the good-hearted man. She discovers that the man is homeless for several months and for this reason can not find a job. But still he would have given the young woman without hesitation last of his money. Dominique Harrison Bentzen organized thereupon a fundraiser for the homeless man to offer him a warm home can. This call for donations goes around the world and international media report on this extraordinary story. People are so touched by the selfless benefactor that quickly come together over 20,000 pounds. 

The homeless are no longer living on the street. Whole 3 pounds have changed his life forever. The outer world is always a mirror of ourselves. The homeless man has a good heart and donates his very last money. This good deed connected with his positive attitude, then reflected in his life in the form of a young student, who helps him actually to escape from homelessness.

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