Why dogs live longer than men?

Why dogs live longer than men?

The little boy Shane and his dog Belker were of one heart and soul. They spent every free minute together and Belker accompanied Shane to school every day and back again. One day, however, presented the veterinarian the dog laid a serious cancer. Since the cancer was incurable and to Belker to spare greater suffering, had to be agreed on a date for the euthanasia of the dog.

The euthanasia took place in the inner circle of the family and there was a sad mood. Even Shane was allowed to be there because the parents thought that he was able to learn something. Shane seemed very calm as he stroked the dog for the last time. A few minutes later Belker had died peacefully. But the little boy seemed to accept the death of the dog without much difficulty. He shed no tears but sat quietly at Belker and held his head. As the adults discussed why an animal's life had actually be as short, they noticed Shane suddenly the word. With his reply he should surprise everyone.

Shane said: ?? "Men are born to learn how to lead a good life, right? How they love and share and be kind to all. Well, dogs do not have to learn that. You know already how to do that. Therefore they must not stay as long. ?? " These words of the little boy came into the heart of those present. Shane was fortunate enough to have a dog as a teacher, who taught him the simplest wisdom of life.

Image by; fineartamerica.com by: Johan Tiren

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