Sebastian Lucas: The way to his own pony

Sebastian Lucas: The way to his own pony

Sebastian Lucas, a horse-riding enthusiast, loved horses above all, which is why he wanted to have his own pony. This was his big dream, but the thing had a small hook. Sebastian Lucas was only 7 years old and he could not afford this expensive purchase. But he did not want to give up his dream and was not to be discouraged by critical voices of the adults either.

So Sebastian began to sell homemade lemonade to friends and family members. He wanted to show his parents how serious it was to him. Family festivals were a welcome opportunity to take cents a penny. For over two years Sebastian Lucas tirelessly fed his piggy bank, in addition he saved his entire Christmas money. In the end, he had saved a fortune of about 2,000 euros, which was a lot of money for a small boy but could not cover the cost of a pony.

The parents were enthusiastic about their son and his extraordinary perseverance. So they decided to pay the rest for a pony himself and to fulfill their greatest wish to their son. When Sebastian Lucas first saw the Welsh Mountain Pony named "Tom", he burst into tears. His greatest dream had just come true because he had always believed firmly in his goal.

We should never tell our children that they can not achieve something. When you work your heart with a full heart, your life will always open up ways and doors, even if we can not comprehend it with our minds. Just like with Sebastian Lucas, who always believed in his own pony with courage, perseverance and great dedication and could actually open the hearts of his parents.

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