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Friday, December 14, 2018

Google Gboard launches new dark or light gradient themes

Google Gboard launches new dark or light gradient themes

The Google Gboard keyboard is entitled to an update. In this version 7.8.8 beta, the keyboard offers many additional decorations with 25 light gradient and 28 dark gradient themes. Android has forged its reputation against iOS by allowing a very strong customization of its interface. Although today this kind of hacks is not so common, the spirit has remained and we find a certain heritage of this in some applications or even in the interfaces of manufacturers who often offer the choice to the user.

New on Gboard
On Google's Gboard app, you can choose from a selection of themes to apply a color in the background of its virtual keyboard, or even a landscape image. In its new version 7.8.8, currently still in beta, the keyboard brings a touch of novelty with themes with a gradient effect.

Two categories are available: light gradient and dark gradient with respectively 25 and 28 themes in these categories. You will find very standard gradients, vertical, or a little more convoluted, circular and off-center, for a slightly less linear effect.

Where to download this version of Gboard?
This beta version 7.8.8 Google Gboard is not yet available for everyone, so it is useless to try to force the update from the Google Play Store. Change the keyboard of your smartphone and go for the official solution of Google. Gboard combines just about everything other keyboards.

3 reasons to download this Apps?
  1. Integrated google services
  2. Customization themes
  3. GIF and emojis

You will still be able to download it on APKMirror. If in doubt, you can find the apps here in Gboard installation of an APK.